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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to my most common questions:

What do you charge for babies?
Babies range in price by species and mutation.  Lovebirds start at $50 and go up to $100 depending on mutation.  Budgies are always $25.  Cockatiels start at $80 and go up depending on mutation.  *prices are subject to change per season depending on demand and availability.  Once a deposit is made, the price will not change.

Do you ship?  Do you deliver?
I do not ship my birds at this time.  In the future, I may start shipping larger birds (subject to availability) but it is not cost effective to ship 1 or 2 small birds.
I do deliver (with a fee) within reason.  If delivering to the Twin Cities (MN) area, I charge $25 within 10 miles of Fridley, MN.  I charge $.50 per mile in addition for anything further from Fridley, MN.  Prices closer to Fargo are $.50 per mile both ways.  Please email for a price quote.

Are your babies handtame or handfed?
My babies are pulled for handfeeding usually around 3 weeks old.  I handfeed them and play with them daily so they are used to humans and even cats and dogs.  I take my babies to work with me so they are used to many people and are not disturbed by loud sudden noises.
I do not parent-raise my birds at any time.

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